Tina Weirather

Professional Skiracer

My way from a young and wild, little skier to a crystal globe winner went through all imaginable highs and lows. Through many comebacks from injuries, changes in equipment, technique and development, I was able to form a world class team around me. Thanks to friends, family and partners, I am now able to chase my dreams.

Nevertheless, there’s also a life without skis under my feet. Follow me on social media and get a glimpse into my world, on and off the slopes.


Personal Insights

When I was 3 years old and people asked me „What do you want to be when you’re grown up?“ my answer always was „I want to be a professional ski racer.“ That never changed, even though I had to overcome many obstacles on my way. For me, there is nothing like skiing down a freshly prepared hill, feel the thrill of the speed and being surrounded by mountains. As an athlete, you have the opportunity to work for and with yourself - getting my body and mind to the next level has always been fascinating to me.